The Beginning


Today is the beginning of my blog journey. Yes, i am nervous about the blog world but so far i have alot of support. My husband for one, he told me to go for it because all i do is gossip lol. The nerve of that man. My kids are super excited, my six year old is already talking about the amount of followers i have lol. My sisters gave me the encouragement to keep with it and don’t fall into the blog curse. You know, stop blogging after three months curse. Hopefully that’s not the case in this situation.

So today i decided to give it a go. Throughout my blog time i will be expressing to you guys what’s on my mind and i do mean just that. Every topic and every part of life including my life. So i would luv for you guys to join me on my journey, watch me build my blog, followers and grow.

24 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I didn’t give up after three months. Still here, for more than six years now. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I surely have, and thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. He’s right – about the 3 months, but usually it’s more like a year. Today I went back to my first followers and most of them haven’t posted in a long time. I’m in my 4th year. Unfortunately, when you follow blogs you reach a point where it is impossible to keep up. Don’t look at the success of your blog by your stats. Or by 3 word comments that are meaningless. Go for quality, on both ends. I look to see how many countries found me each day and how many different posts were read. As of today, 93 different posts were read this month so far. Do your posts have longevity? How many hits are not from wp bloggers? How good are your tags for Google searches? Since you’re new to blogging I thought I’d give some suggestions of what I look for.


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