On another note, I am just sitting here sipping on my alcoholic beverage and thinking about the people that dont want you to be great. This goes for anybody in your life that is more negative than positive. Is this the type of person you want to bring with you on your journey? Do you want someone present in your life that can only see the negative and never wants to support you? I know i dont, that’s why i have no problem cutting a sucka off and moving on with my life. My circle is so very small anyway i do not mind decreasing it some more.

See, sometimes people are so unhappy with themselves that allowing you to become super great would hinder them in some type of way. Let me build and when i get to the top, i will be sure to bring you with me. That’s only if your love and friendship is genuine. I don’t like snakes poo and i prefer to stay away from them. You know, to keep you from bighting me and injecting me with that toxic, deadly a§§ venom.

Word of advice people: ” Dont allow negative people and things to block your vision. Its ok to feed a person with a long spoon and/or leave them and negative actions behind. KEEP IT MOVING AND BE GREAT”!!

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