Just Say No

Ok, so i am sipping and sitting, sitting and sipping strolling through the internet. Then the love of my life showed me this challenge that is all the buzz now. For those that don’t know or been living under a rock most of your life. The music industry is not only about music, it’s about music, sex, money and drugs. Drugs, Drugs, Drugs. See, it’s not like the 60s and 70s anymore. When you can do drugs, have orgies, be colorful and someone dies maybe twice a year from a drug overdose. No, drugs has officially taken over the music industry. Now you do drugs, catch an STD; and be a walking, talking corpse. Then rap and/or sing about it influencing kids into thinking it’s the life to live. Then….. someone dies about 5 times a year from a drug overdose.

But back to the story. “The kick the cup challenge”, is where this young man named Mozzy (a rapper) dumps out a bottle of lean (sizzurp, Texas tea and other names) on the ground. Lean: is a cough syrup (codeine/promethazine)  and a soft drink mixed. This drug is known to kill, trigger seizures and/or have you looking like death on a stick. I think it just might be the reason for mumble rap lol. Mozzy (a rapper) is starting this trend to stop kids from doing the drug. Now i would just be closed minded and say “what about the other drugs”? But i’m not, i look at it like this. They are just taking it one day at a time, one drug at a time. You got to start somewhere right?

Word of advice kiddies: “They always telling you the life style, but never telling you the life sentence”. JUST SAY NO!!thumbnail 6

Sacramento Rapper Mozzy

4 thoughts on “Just Say No

    1. Exactly, young kids now a days dont see it that way. All you see is the so call “fun part”. You are not seeing what damage it’s really doing to musicians (and other people). They are loosing their lives and its sad.

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  1. Maliyka Upson

    Its really sad that these rappers turn to drugs to I guess to be able to be comfortable with there status of there rap careers. I say sit in your own sauce and be yourself. You don’t need extra hallusinigents to make you great. Just say no to drugs!!!!

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