Let Me Vent

What’s Gucci my blog community?

For those of you that has no clue of what i do for my full-time head ache of a job, I am fixen to fill ya’ll in tonight. I am a Security Officer for the DCPS School System. Yes, I work with kids and I not only have to deal with them crazies. I have to deal with their ignorant family members too (mother, father, dad, etc.). From the outside looking in you would think i had it sweet, but coming from the person on the inside IT’S HELL ON EARTH!!! I have never been cursed out and assaulted so much in my life. I swear for the last 6 years my first name is ßì⊂ψh  and last name F∩⊂Κ you. I have developed a serious drinking habit (1 drink per day) and I’ve learned how to curse 500 different ways in 200 different forms.

Yes people, I call it ” The Ghetto’s Playground” cause only 40% of them take it seriously and the other 60% is just there. Because 1. Their parents/parent needs a  baby sitter and 2. It’s nothing to do at home. So some of the kids come to school to run around, fight, hide in the x-ray machines, try to make a jail break; and anything else that’s against the rules of just living right.We even got nick names for the kids- Baby Demon, Chucky, Baby George Town, just to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for having this stability. There are times that i go to work and just laugh all day (stories coming soon). But geesh, can a sista get a break?


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7 thoughts on “Let Me Vent

  1. I heard the same thing from a teacher friend. Some of the parents are the problem. A teenage boy kicked her and the parents were called in. They got pissed off and asked what SHE did to cause her son to get angry. Unbelievable.

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