The Work Out

Hola blog nation,

I’m just sitting here sipping on my alcoholic beverage ( Verdi Spumante Sparkletini Spumante), can you say that 3 times fast? I deserve every ounce of this dear bottle after the work out i had to endured today. For those that have no clue, i would like to introduce you guys to “Abs Workout”. I have downloaded the app on my phone and ordered the video. For the people that’s living on a budget, they have free downloads and cheaper videos as well. But the free ones are mostly computer cartoon people so its kinda hard trying to figure out the proper way to do the exercise. So i would go with the video.

My suggestion to the ones that have not worked out for a while or the people that have never lifted nothing other than a twinkie, start on level one (classic). I started with the Tabata challenge and almost died on the first round, so i switched it to classic. The app has a 28 day calendar that alarms you.  There are 3 levels, each level has stages and each stage has 7 rounds. I’m still on stage 3 on the 1st level. Ya girl is out of shape lol. You get 14 different exercise with a 5 second rest in between. That’s just the one on the phone, the videos go even harder. I have not felt pain like this since child birth. It hurts so bad people but it feels so good.

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