This Generation

I don’t know if its just me or if i am from another planet or something. But i have alot of questions and i need answers. Children of this generation is something new to me. I am talking about anyone born in the year 2000 and over (millennium babies). Only to exclude the ones with the old souls. This blog is not about you.

  1. What is yeah and/or what?

See, back in my day those were fighting words. You mess around and get an elbow from across the room. If it ain’t yes, no, yes ma’am, no ma’am, no sir, yes sir etc.) You’re going down.

2.  Who made up talking back and questioning?

That’s usually a early trip to the dentist, cause you will no longer have teeth.

3. Who said it was ok to disrespect adults and/or act out in public?

Look i love my life and if i had that much heart, i wouldn’t be blogging today. Back in my day every self respected adult in the neighborhood gets a turn.

4. Why do 95% of these kids look, act and dress like grown a§§ men and women?

Clothes be tighter than mine if they have on any at all. Be posting half butt naked, twerking videos on the internet.  Doing more drugs at the age of 12 than i ever did in my 30s. These kids are having sex even younger and know more about it than i do. FYI…I am very sexually advance and active. I’m just saying.

5. When did education become a non factor?

Why is it ok to be stupid?

6. Why internet? Why?

I just want to know why? Alot of these kids have no chance in hell for the future.

7. WHOOOOO said it was ok to fight your parents and/or guardian and live to talk about it?

You’re gonna die!

8. When has it been ok to call the police on your parents and/or guardian when getting disciplined? Why is that even a rule?

“I’ll call them for you” is what my momma used to say.

9. Why are babies getting younger having babies?

The grandmother 40, the mother 28, daughter 15 with a 2 year old daughter.

10. Who in the world said that the trash that kids are listening to today is music?

I’m still confused about mumble rap.

I dont know people, these are questions that’s been bothering me all day. I tried asking my students but nothing that came out their mouths makes since to me.


29 thoughts on “This Generation

  1. The world is changing because everyone can do anything these days. I woulodnt calln it freedom, exactly. I think people want to feel part of something. And not to mention the tons of data and information out there.

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  2. You are so so right. I don’t know how old you are, but I’m getting up there. I have been visiting my son and two grandchildren through the winter. They are ten and eleven. If I had talked back to adults, argued, had melt downs, screamed and yelled because my screen was taken away, because they didn’t want to do what they were told to do – I wouldn’t be alive today because my grandmother would have backhanded me across the room – if I had dared try it- but I didn’t behave like this. The thought never entered my brain, because we were taught from the get go to respect the adults in our life.

    The kids today behave atrociously. Little girls dress sexy. My ten year old granddaughter has to wear a bra because she has boobs! They want to bury themselves in youtube. My son recently moved to a neighborhood that had lots of kids. Yay, they had been secluded in the country and home-schooled so they had never been in a classroom until recently. (mom ran off) Playing outside with kids, they had no idea how to do that. That was when self-centered rudeness started. I’ve spent 3 months with them trying to teach them social behaviors. But they look around at their classmates and what do they learn? To be rude to teachers and talk back. Multiply that behavior with all the kids and what do you get/ Chaos. What is it they will teach their own kids one day? It is a scary thought.

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    1. Lol your response is legendary, I am 33 and i was raised in the country moved to the city with my mom (single mother). I had my little grown stage for a hot 5 minutes and she damn near put my head thru a wall. She didn’t play those games with me and my sisters. My family and the older people in the neighborhood did not play either. They took that village thing seriously. I am now raising my girls the same way. Respect for yourself and the ones around you and don’t think you can play with me. Kids now a days are being taught thru social media smh.

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  3. Alien Ideology

    People try to hold on to a sense of morality while nihilism spreads. Now they got no reason to be morally good.
    I’m young (16), might not see the whole picture.

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  4. PREACH!!!! All questions I NEED ANSWERS TOO!!! I’m a 90s baby so by society’s definition I’m technically a “millenial,” but I can’t relate AT ALL. My parents are old school, raised by the old school and they definitely didn’t and still don’t play! If I even THOUGHT about doing half the stuff you mentioned I woulda got the thoughts slapped right outta me. Shoot I’m looking at my phone right now thinkin my mom is gonna call me while writing this, cuz she be knowin.’ She may not know the details, but she sure knows when I’m doing or about to do something I have no business doing. Rap- I wasn’t even allowed to listen to rap back in the day. Only gospel and age appropriate movies. (I’m older now so I’ve broadened my horizons lol still limited though. But now it’s by choice. Somethings I just have no interest in because of the way I grew up and I’m perfectly fine with that….now anyway lol). But ask me about any rapper now-a-days……cuz I know none!! I don’t know who they are or what they sayin. And the clothes…..I wasn’t even allowed to wear shorts unless I was playing sports. I had to wear Skorts (basically shorts under a skirt lol) and even those were few and far between. Every thing was 4 fingers BELOW the knee. Church EVERY Sunday. Yes and no. Please and thank you. Main….this generation definitely wouldn’t survive the old days.

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    1. LMAO My life it is LOL. I have a teen so i hear the music she plays and it is trash. Alot of times (90%) i am telling her to turn that mess off. My mom did not play that mess either, i would not be living today if i ever went as hard as these young kids now a days. I have a student in my school that hit her mom with a brick. When i tell you i felt that mess in my soul. Cause if it was me Becky would’ve had a field day LOL. The police would be searching for pieces of my body LOL. Dont get me started on the clothes and internet. That mess wasn’t even in my mom’s vocabulary.

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      1. A BRICK!!!!!! What?!?! That is ridiculous! Yea the police wouldn’t even bother searching for me cuz my dad’s a cop and I’m sure he would found away to cover it up or something cuz there’s no way I’d survive to tell the story lol

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  5. Hilarious!! I have no children myself….just kitties. I have interacted with kids though and fun it is not. Not all the time but sometimes I walk away scratching my head as they are happy but I have no idea what they’re happy about.


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