Good Read

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22552026.jpg Ok everyone, for those that dont know i am a reader. I enjoy it, its one of my favorite pass times. I read everything from science fiction to urban books. If the author can write and takes me to another place. I am sold.

“The Long Way Down” by Jason Reynolds has become one of my favorite books. I have never read the author before and this is my first but not my last free-verse book. The title alone caught my attention so i had to get it. To me the book was giving a description of the life on the streets. The does, dont and consequences of the code. The ending of the book was crazy. I went back to the middle of the book and started reading it over again to make sure i didn’t miss anything. I am still thinking about it trying to figure it out lol. ITS THAT GOOD. But i will most definitely read some more of his work. They will be on my “Good Read” list.



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