Bonjour my fellow blogsters,

So today i am at work blogging and sipping on this non-alcoholic beverage (CORE Water). I want to talk about Sprinter: this is Spring and Winter combined into one. This weather has been so bipolar lately its hard to choose which season we are in, so why not put them together. Its no April showers bring May flowers. We are just sitting in the month of April with winter chills and snow flurries in the great DMV area.  Yes, snow flurries just this past Saturday and 30 degrees weather on Resurrection Sunday. Dont get me started on the recent snow storm we just had a couple of weeks ago.

Then here comes the “Cherry Blossom Festival Parade”, the weather is suppose to jump to 80 degrees people. I CAN NOT MAKE THIS UP. But right now as i type it is 48 degrees outside. That’s a for sure way to have 60% of the population in the emergency sick from pneumonia or that new flu that’s been going around. I think Mother Nature is either smoking too much of her earthly herbs or her time of the month got her on some serious unnatural menstrual shit lol.

Any who, drop your state and weather bipolarness stories below. I would luv to read them.


14 thoughts on “SPRINTER

  1. Girl! I was just on snap chat rambling about this super random weather. I live in Buffalo so I’m used to the cold. It’s 35 degrees here. But COME ON! It’s April 9th! I’m soooooooo over it!!!Not complaining, cuz it definitely could be alot worse. But just saying I would like to enjoy weather that’s more than 3 degrees above freezing. Or at list a some sun on a consistent basis! lol

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  2. I don’t know what is up with the weather. I’ve spent the winter in Florida and even here it has been a bit odd but ok as far as I’m concerned. Now I have to go home . Up north. Been doing this trip for 10 years and it is always safe to go home by mid April. But not this year. Temps below freezing. Freezing rain forecast for the last day of our drive. Not happy about this. Not at all.

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