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So today i was read a face book post from a young adolescent. I am going to tell ya’ll like this, i came to tears hearing this and i felt it in my soul. When you have kids it’s very important that you PAY ATTENTION. You pay attention to them and every single sign of unhappiness, depression, stress and anger. See, you have more kids shooting up  schools  killing others and committing suicide. That type of mental state is hard enough for an adult to manage. Imagine a child having to deal with it. Imagine that child feeling alone, filled with hate; and feeling unwanted. That’s a tough pill to swallow and a hard life to handle. So here is my question. Is bullying the only reason for many of these kids thinking death is the answer?




17 thoughts on “PAY ATTENTION

      1. Wooooooow..Smh..We just had a situation today at my job a little girl was jumped by some other kids. Now, this girl has been raped by her father, her mother is in the streets; and she was caught doing sexual acts at school. We have that little girl on WATCH and the school is finding counseling for her. Its no telling the things that girl might do to herself.

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      1. It’s in India. And in the northern part of the country a 7 year old girl was abducted and kept as hostage in a temple and was raped by 5 people for 3 to 4 days and then brutally murdered. The people involved are all ex – government officials and one is police person. So its assumed that they will not be punished bur the public is hosting a protest through the whole country, asking justice for the little girl. And severe punishment for the people involved.

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      2. OMG!! My heart hurts for that baby. I hope there is justice done for that baby and her family. 😦
        These are our babies and future. We are suppose to protect and lead them so they can lead us.

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  1. I agree with you. But to be true I am ashamed of my people’s mentality. I feel shy saying where I belong to but then I atleast can teach my children and children of the family not to hurt any one’s emotions, not to play with their feelings, not to hit girls, not to abuse any one verbally or physically. Coz I believe from childhood if we plant right morals and behaviour they will grow into more responsible citizens. This thought is required of all people, no matter which social class they belong to.

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