Place of Peace

Bonjour everyone,

As defined by the English Oxford Living Dictionary Peace: is freedom from disturbance; tranquility. Mental or emotional calm. Now a days it’s people that would luv nothing more than to pick at and disturb your PLACE OF PEACE. Like my momma always told me “misery loves company”.

But let me tell you, my place of peace is not to be broken. That’s where i build, grow, and develope. My place of peace is my sanity and my shelter. I provide for my family in that place. That is the place that i protect and defend at any means necessary. See people, one thing you are never to let anyone do is disrupt your place of peace. That would mean you are easily broken and easily moved. Life would be able to chew you up and spit you out just like that. I dont know about you, but i refuse.

If you’re not assisting and supporting me with the peace in my life and others. Then there is no place for you here, not even in my shadows. My place of peace is too positive for negativity, they never got along.


Word of advice: Dont ever let anyone and/or anything cause havoc in your place of peace. Leave them and/or it where they stand. Not everyone was meant to come with you on your journey. 

18 thoughts on “Place of Peace

      1. TruSt me! if you only new… but like I said I most definitely feel you…

        I’m from Northwest baltimore city Maryland! the bricks! I know we’re your comming from. shit … they still got national guard stationed here in the city….

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