B Day Dinner Date

G’day blog crew,

So yesterday was a great day, even with the weather being so disrespectful. It was a birthday celebration kind of day (his day). When i tell you i enjoyed myself, i mean just that. After running errands and what not, me and hubby ended up at Wok and Roll. Its this funky lil sushi spot we like to go to that is located in the great ole Adams Morgan area. They have another one in China Town, they got karaoke.

So we started with a drink called “The lovers bowl” it has every liquor on this planet in that bowl (brown & white). Then we got a surprise plate from the sushi chef (it was sooooo good). Our meal consist of fried calamari (Asian style), deep fried crazy roll (for him); a plate of sashimi and unagi sushi (eel) for me. Then we ended the B Day dinner date with shots. All i know is it was Rum. What kind? I…Can…Not…Tell…You…..LOL!! People, i went into that restaurant sober and came out tipsy…OUT…OF….MY….MIND!!!

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Washington, DC


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