Now That I know

Salve peeps,

So right now the closer it gets to my B Day the sicker I get. This weather has been disrespectful and play too damn much. Mother Nature is on my bad side and we beefin’ HARD!!! Then to top it off  I found out that i am a true dick head by nature,  I lack compassion and people skills; and I am too blunt for my own good. This was some of my results from my EQ and Personality assessment, and alot of what was said i already knew. But somethings just took me by surprise. Like, I thought being honest and staying in my own lane was a good thing. Come to find out that is not how you develop healthy relationships with others. Now, the old me would not have given a flying rats monkey. But the new me is going to take my strengths and weekness from these assessments and develop a better me. It’s just kind of sad that a computer had to stamp some of what I already knew and check me on it, got me feeling some type of way. But I know I have to do better to be great and BUILD.

So if you guys want to take the assessments and figure some stuff out about yourself or just stamp what you already know. SEARCH MY MENU BAR⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑


7 thoughts on “Now That I know

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  2. Reena Davis

    I’m not sure I agree about honesty and truth not being the way to go. No one is for everyone, but you develop deeper relationships with those who you connect with honesty. I guess it depends on your motivation.

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