Hallo my fellow bloggers,

 I’m just sitting here and sipping on some good ole H2O scanning the internet. Yes, I am at work bored out of my mind and not in the mood to chase other people’s kids 😦

So, I have been coming across alot of relationship advocates and the same question keeps popping up. Is it ok for your better half to have a best friend of the opposite sex ?

Now me and hubby had a very small debate about this. I say small because we both agreed there is no such thing. We feel at some point feelings were there or is there from one or the other (Somebody likes somebody). Or at some point in time that best friend was your old sex partner or still is; and/or had sex once before. And the list goes on. See, to us its to many complications in that best friend role. That means I am able to call you in the middle of the night if i needed help, right? So it would be very uncomfortable if it was someone from the opposite sex unless you are a family member. Even though in some states and families ain’t nothing wrong with that kind of life 😦 …… We both are even a little iffy on the best friend being into the same sex (Meaning my male best friend has a boy friend or female best friend has a girl friend). But, we both have them; with very strict rules and regulations.  

I was told at times that me and my hubby are too controlling or insecure. And I say to those people “To each their own”. Just because you think its ok to jump off a bridge that dont mean imma be stupid enough to follow you………… Ya Digg! If we really wanted extra best friends of the opposite sex we would get a dog. Me and my hubby is coming along just fine without the extras.

What do you all think?





16 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Benjamin Woolridge

    I definitely think it’s important for married couples to communicate and discuss boundaries within the marriage but at the same time, I don’t believe anyone should be referred to as controlling or insecure because they don’t feel comfortable with their partner having a best friend of the same sex.

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    1. Thank you, when I was told this. I almost cursed that person smooth out. But I didn’t, I decided to be classy with it and tell her off in the nicest way possible.
      And you are so right. Communication is key and when both of you come to an understanding and it works for the both of you. THEN WHY NOT?!?!

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  2. Me & Husbae agreed on the same thing! There may be/may have been feelings involved when you have a best friend of the opposite sex, and where does that leave the friendship if those feelings are one-sided?
    Best stay away from all of that

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  3. melissatstyles

    I think it depends on the sit. My husband has a best friend that is female, but she’s also been my best friend since the 5th grade. I trust her so I’m comfortable with their friendship. I know not all chicks can be trusted (best friend or not) but this one I honestly believe is not checking for my husband. If I were not her friend first I’m sure I would not be so comfortable. Like I said. It depends on the situation. One things for sure though. Definitely NO NEW FRIENDS!!!

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  4. LOL at the ending. My husband and I have debated this for over twenty years lol I think you CAN have a best friend of the opposite sex as long as it’s not secretive or some shenanigans going on. Although, I do agree that most of the time (friend or bff) somebody did like somebody and men are so patient that they can wait it out until the woman’s man, husband, or lover leaves. So, I kinda see both points. With that said, I don’t have male “friends” that my hubby doesn’t know about.

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