My Heart Hurts

I hope every one is enjoying their weekend and is loving the ones that are here.

In the middle of the night my hubby heard gun shots at about 1:00am. He didn’t think anything of it at first so he went back to sleep. I heard a car alarm and then turned over and went back to sleep myself. I didn’t really think anything of it. So my husband got up at about 5:00am got dressed and walked outside to start his day. At about 6:00am he came running back into the house, woke me up and said “babe, its a dead body on the ground and he was shot in the head”. He told me there was blood everywhere and you can see clear into his head where he was shot. His body has been laying there since 1:00am this morning until 6:45am just decomposing and uncovered.

Now I know that tragedy has been happening alot lately. Its a war out here on these streets. So why is my story any different?

Well…..Its not.

But It hurts to see or here about a young 17 year old young man. Thats still wet behind the ears. Just laying on the ground dead and no one of authority is taking his passing seriously.

His mother couldn’t even control herself. His family (step father, friends, sisters and his child) is seeing this. They all are yelling “GET UP”…. And no one took the time to cover his body.

Authorities was just sitting around smoking cigarettes and having conversations like they were on a lunch break smh :/


Life is too short, live and enjoy it with your close ones. It takes more energy to hate than to love.



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