Hello Peeps,

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and lovely Sun of the Day (Sunday). I am currently sipping on Sutter Home – Sweet Red and is just typing away.

Here is another story for you guys. Short and simple.

So, me and my youngest was just riding along running errands then BOOM!… I notice some of the sexiest vehicles ride pass me. They caught my attention immediately and I honked the drivers down until they gave me the ok to take pics for my blog LOL 🙂

What can I say? I am a stickler for old schools baby 🙂

Any who, one of the nice young men asked me “What are you gonna call us baby girl”? I said “What yall want”? (in my down south voice). He said The Black Cup Crew”. LOL… I couldn’t do nothing but smile and say ok.

It would’ve been legendary if only I got their Social Media and they got my blog information :/

If only, If only…


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