Let’s Debate

Hello, hello, hello,

Im back people, I hope everybody is enjoying life to the fullest. So, of course yall know from the title……THIS IS A DEBATE!!!!….

Who in the Sam Hill made it a point to tell children between the age of 13 to 17 years old that its ok to do what the hell they want without their parent’s say so ?

Let me explain…

Its a new thing now that when we as parents and/or guardians are not allowed in the room with our child at the young age of 13 and up. Everything is confidential and they (the Dr. and yo child) dont have to tell you NOTHING. Unless, your child has something that they need medicine for :/

When I tell you people that I was on some ghetto mess. Them people probaly thought I was 2 shades of crazy and my daughter is still feeling the thunder.. I feel we as parents/caring parents and guardians should be allowed to know what is going on with our babies. If I got to take care of you; put clothes on your back; food in your mouth, and roof over your head. I BETTER BE ALL UP AND DOWN IN THAT DAMN ROOM!!!! I WANT TO SEE AND KNOW EVERYTHING!!!

So, here are my words and thoughts to the Government, willing health officials and anyone who agrees with this mess….. If they get pregnant Is you gonna take care of that child? Can I leave her ass with you? If she a walking talking STD are you gonna get her meds and take care of her? If she has an illness can I count on you to take over everything and make sure this child is ok? No?……. THEN STAY THE HELL OUT MY WAY CAUSE IM COMING IN :/




15 thoughts on “Let’s Debate

  1. megisacat

    I understand that the meaning behind not having the parent in the room with the doctor and patient is so that the child can speak freely about possible abuse on the part of the parent – also the child may be unwilling to talk about things out of fear that the parent will get mad (so potential medical issues might go unresolved if the doctor isn’t aware). I know they also generally give the child the option to allow their parent into the room.

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    1. Its goes a little further than that. When It came to me asking if the information that I wanted to know. Would I be able to get the answers that I wanted. They told me no any of her information would be confidential. Thats not cool at all.. Its like they were treating as if I have/will do bodily harm to my baby :/

      And they allow young girls to come in and get birth control without their parent’s permission. And some young girls come in pregnant and go for months without their parents even knowing. Thats crazy… These are babies smh


  2. Whaaaat? I was always able to be in the room with my daughter and my son and could have contionued to do so until they were 18. At 18 we ( in Canada) can no longer get medical info unless our son or daughter gives it to us. But 18 is older than 13!!! I can certaily see why you are concerned.

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    1. Thank you thank you Thank you, at the age of 18 I can understand. They are going into adult hood. But 13-17 years old. COME ON!!! Its like they are giving our children permission to do what ever they want In the care of their parents.

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  3. Seven Shakur

    I agree with you 100% I feel as though at 13 and even 17 and even 25 (that’s my age btw) that your parents or parent should be aware of what your doctor is saying. I still feel the need at 25 to inform my mom of everything that is going on with me. “Hey mom, I have an std I’m going to Walmart” I don’t tell her of sexual experiences because that’s my mom and im not completely comfortable with that yet 😅 But I do agree that your parent should be informed with the health shit

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      1. Seven Shakur

        Right! My mom has to be able to answer questions for me if God forbid something happens and I can’t answer them myself. She has to be in the know about everything

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  4. It’s very complicated, maam. Some black young adults (13-20) are extremely shy. It’s a distressing occurrence that anything health related intimidates them. Basic things like retrieving contraception, or giving blood are nervous experiences for them. Even the question of sexual activity is something “square” when it’s discussed at the doctor with a parent’s presence in the exam room. I understand your disappointment and frustration because the health professional that delivers the report cannot take your place. However, the kids are scared, anxious, and way too bashful about issues that require person to person dialogue. The sad reality is: Some young people would rather tell their doctors about their “scares” versus sharing with mom and dad because being judged unfairly is something terrifying. I understand both the parents point of view and the patient’s point of view. The way to be totally sure that this stuff doesn’t happen: Be un-afraid, and un-biased with your kids. Share stories about your own struggles with that child before they do something unorthodox. The more you communicate and be understanding with your kids, the less likely you’ll have secrets. Young African-American men and women are usually the last to admit struggling with mental disparities—in my experience. Parents cannot guarantee that their kids will tell them everything they go through. They can make small steps toward maintaining open communication, though.

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    1. I agree with you open communication is key. And I understand the mental state when It comes to being shy and distress. But ass a caring parent that is something we will get over together. I am not here to judge. I cannot and will not agree with all of your life choices but I will not judge. I love my kids and I want them to live healthy lives with no babies until they are 70 years old LOL 🙂 I just dont think they should be given that legal choice until they are old enough to leave the home.


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