Long Over Due

Namaste My blog family,

                      “I been gone for a minute now I’m back at the jump off” (Lil Kim, 2003). But seriously folks, Its been FOR… EVER!!!!!!!!

I have missed so much from my blog family. I see that its been some good post, short stories, poems, reviews etc. I have ALOT to catch up on and I am here for it.  CHALLENGE….. EXCEPTED!!!

So here is the tea….. I have been so busy and through so much that I have about 2 months worth of stories and updates for you guys. From life situations to other people’s problems. And trust me when I tell you guys, I CANNOT… MAKE…THIS…STUFF…UP!! AND

Just to let you know, I would not be able to put everything on 1 post.

Soooooo, as usual I am going to give ya’ll a little taste here and there for the next week LOL.




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