Take The Wheel

Well Hello,

So, originally I was gonna catch you guys up with the different  series of events that traumatized my life. But so many things just kept on happening. It’s like the Devil and the Universe is playing tag with my emotions.

I am mentally and emotionally TIRED!!!!

It all started when my loved one came home with his face damn near stabbed to pieces just because he had to do something human like stop to get gas 🤨

Then, I had to come across one of those life lessons that some people ain’t shit….. And the only person that really got you. ….IS YOU…..Then it all boils down to loving yourself 😍 ….And let them haters hate. I know it’s easier said than done but some how I made it through. And I still got this miserable job of mine with alllll the extra BULLSHIT and not one time did I have to hit someone. YALL… WHEN I TELL YOU I ALMOST SNAPPED…I WAS SOON TO END UP ON THAT SHOW CAUSE LORD KNOWS🙏

Any who,

My long ass roller coaster ended with family drama; in house foolery and I learned a valuable lesson.


I had to learn that life lesson the hard way.

So, here I am putting a tiny bit of everything on the table. After a good blessing in Church and much needed prayer “IM STILL STANDING”… I had to tell my ace 1 upstairs to “TAKE THE WHEEL” cause I was liable to drive that mofo straight into somebody house



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