New Year Break Down

Happy 2019 everybody,

So, coming into the New Year I have tried my first cup of cannabis-tea (that I made myself). I was finally able to watch Green Book (witch was a very, very good movie by the way). Then I got into a big hoopla with my other half (he was dead ass wrong and I was all the way right) :/

Then to top it off by 12:15 on the dot I was out like a light doped up on medicine.

I mean, It started good then turned bad then brought in ok.  So I guess you can say that my New Year was just another day in my hood.

Now its back to school, work and doing unwanted communication with people I could care less to converse with let alone acknowledge their existence ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful time filled with laughter, food, liquor and any other recreational drug you might have decided to do. And take to work more interesting stories than I just gave to you guys LOL.

I would luv to read about them and/or see pictures. So please drop your stories in my comments or I’ll check you out on your blog.



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