Whats happening people,

So, I woke up this morning to the most disrespectful shnit I have ever felt in my life. Growing up in the South I have put up with some strong winds. I’m talking about you’d think that a hurricane was knocking at your door and the train was riding pass. Yes, the wind was whistling and blowing so hard you can feel the wooden houses/trailers shake a little.

Very serious stuff.

Thats not the case in this situation. I went to sleep with the heat on and woke up to 19 degrees weather.

In my house people!!

Then to top it off, you can hear what it sounded like rocks hitting the window. This wind and cold air up North is the most ratchet mess I have ever experienced in my entire life. It aint been nothing but fighting words all weekend and I’ve been ducking that reck as much as possible. I dont want no smoke.

I only left the house twice thus far and I plan on keeping it that way if I can help it.

My plan is to take precaution this time around and not be defeated in my own home. I will wake up in warmth in the a.m.

Mark my words people, mark my words :/

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