To sleep or not sleep?

Late night my night owls,

Its 12:15am on the dot. Why am i still up?

Well, friday was my first day back to work and my sleeping schedule is waaayyy off. My body has gotten use to being up late nights, sleeping in late, waking up, cook, eat and take a nap. Then get up just to start the same cycle over again 🤔

I had one miserable summer…Smh

So imagine me up until 12am friday morning just to get back up at 5:30am. Just to be to work by 8am. I was there a hour early dozing off where I stood. I was hungry and discombobulated


It felt good to finally get out the house. I felt trapped for so long to the point that I was kinda happy to be there.


But when i got home people, I took the longest nap ever and 🗣NOW IM UP!! 🤯

All in all, it was a ok day with ok people. In a positive environment so far.

Now i gotta reset my sleeping schedule.

Good night or Good day my blog family and remember to always put you first ❤

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