🗣Pump Your MF Breaks

What’s good in the hood or suburbs people,

Have it ever been a time in your life that you had to stop and pump those mf breaks?

Well, I’m in that time.

I just recently had to stop, meditate and reevaluate damn near my entire existence 🤔

What are you doing? What happened to your positive place of peace? Why are you allowing so much negativity and things that are not good for you? When was the last time you cut off unnecessary people? Where are you with your goals and financial stability? Are you building? Did you brush your teeth?

You know…… The basics 👀

Then “eureka” I think I’ve got!!

Stop allowing anything that is less than what you’re worth. Rebuild that wall or bubble that have been protecting your place of peace. Regain your focuse, continue with your goals and stack these coins (a.ka. money).

It’s just that simple Wammy…. It’s just that simple 🤗

So, any time any of you beautiful people have to pump them breaks real quick. Just find a peaceful place, ask yourself those important questions, and find a solution.

It’s just that simple people….. It’s👏 just👏 That👏 simple👏

Always love you more and put yourself first

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