Greetings family,

Yall already know this is my favorite part of blogging. THE DEBATE!!!!😁

So, is it a such thing as “the same way you get them is the same way you lose them”?

I was having a conversation with my sister and she is a very strong believer of this saying. I grew up on this saying as well. But right now I’m up against the fence about it.

Example: You met someone that is in a situation (married or relationship) and you are in a situation (married or relationship). Both is going through some type of negativity. Yall started off one way (friends) then started developing feelings. It doesn’t matter where they came from first and who’s feelings is stronger and/or more involved .

They’re there….Period.

Both of you leave that unsageable situation 🤣😂. And yes I made that word up. I think🤦‍♀️


The two ended up in a relationship with each other. Both knowing what they want; the foundation that’s going to be built and a vibe out of this world when they are together. Just something different, new and refreshing.

Even if it’s for the moment. Just have fun, experience and live life ❤

The question is

Can it and/or will it work?

Me: I think it could. I know couples that have been married for 20+ years coming from this situation. Sometimes you got to go through the turmoil, negativity and triles to get and/or find something great. Going in you’ll know what to do this time around. You’ll want what you want and expect nothing less.

So what do ya’ll think?

Can it work?

Drop your comments below. Remember…… Raw and Unfiltered 😜

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