Let’s Debate

🗣 ITS A DEBATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yall know this is my favorite part of blogging. Ok, from my feed the other day I posted a video of a young man speaking his piece about this. Then my coworker brought it to my attention.

Soooooooooooo, it became a DEBATE!!!

Question: Why do so many women stay in relationships and marriages when the sex is not good?


With some it’s not worth leaving the marriage just for that. Unless it’s a purpose (ex. He beating the life out of you + bad sex 🤨) ….. A PURPOSE.

In a relationship and marriage…. That young man might lack in one place and be great in others and/or It could be a monetary game. Or it could very well be a give and take thing (you compromise with me I’ll compromise with you). He could be the type of man that got alot of money and you want for nothing 🤷🏿‍♀️

Then it all balls down to this.

QUESTION: 🗣Will you cheat?

OPINION: Yup…Most definitely.

Me: I agree with the reasons why women stay because I too have been in a relationship for years and the sex was not good at all. But, he brought other things to the table that I loved. As far as the cheating part….. I’m up against the fence about that one. I never cheated because the sex wasn’t what I wanted. I cheated because I was cheated on and I knew it was time to leave that situation.

Years later and now that I’m older it makes sense….. It’s a turnoff….. Who would want to keep teaching a grown man how to do adult things. Why not go somewhere that’ll give you what you want? Then go back home to what you need 🤔

Bottom line fellas…… Learn your lady because all women don’t sex the same. What’ll get me off might not get the next one off.

And honestly I’m getting too old for the pile driving.

Just luv up on me 😊

Drop your comments below family. I like to know what yall feel and keep it real 😜

7 thoughts on “Let’s Debate

  1. I knew a girl who said anyone is better than no one, that’s one reason for bad relationships, personally I don’t get it. As for the cheating thing? That’s tricky, I knew a guy once who said sex is a hobby, like golf, if two people want to play why shouldn’t they as long as no one gets hurt. But that’s the problem generally someone usually does. Me? I’m in your camp (I think) it’s my life it’s too short to waste training a human to be human lol Oh and I swopped ‘piledriving’ for ‘luvin’ years ago, you know it’s just boring, no pun intended 😉

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    1. When I was younger I would’ve probably sided with that young lady. Now that I am older I just cant get with that. I mean sex is not everything but it sure is a plus. I did all my cheating when I was young. But at that point I’ve already stop having sex with my partner and I’ve already made it up in my mind that it’s time to leave. It was mostly from getting cheated on. I’m with you on that hobby situation. Give me one partner and one partner only. With no piledriving and a long line of soul ties. I’m good on that too 🤣😂😂🤣

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