What’s up blog world?

It’s your girl Wammy again, I’m up listening to Scar Face and burning my sage. For some reason for me I cannot go to bed on time on Sundays. Its like here comes Monday so lets say fuck it and stay up. Just to be tired as fuck dealing with a bunch of ugly ass fake ass people.

(Please excuse my language I’m really just typing what’s on my brain. No thinking twice about it just thoughts and go).

Here is what I’m thinking about Man (Humans). What the hell happened to the real?

I grew up in a time where “real recognize real”. You know, a different type of breed that you cant do nothing but respect, cherish and stay loyal to. It was all love, good vibes and bomb ass energy.

Now a days its like fake……… Just fake….. And games with a hint of jealousy and negative energy.

(Reason why I’ve been burning my sage)

Now im not gonna lie, the way my life has been set up in the past months. I too have been negative energy.

I was People

But now that my head is more clearer and I’m more focused. I’m starting to realize that it’s not just me other people are fucked up too.

Now picture that with a kodak


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