Sapiosexual: (of a person) finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing….. I think this might be my favorite word thus far. If you say it out loud it rolls off your tongue sexy and smooth.

Can you imagine talking to someone that’s so intelligent that you develop this unspoken obsession with a person’s brain? Just imagine a good look, arousing odor and a IQ out of this world.


Don’t get me wrong, I have come across a lot and I mean a lot of handsome men. But for some reason stupidity turns me allllllllll the way off. I have come across some weird and/or ok looking men that are not my type and their intelligence caught me off guard. Then there is the few. The very few men that has that look, smell and brains that’ll make me go crazy.

I would understand if you thought I was super weird. At times I think I am too. But im ok with that.

I just feel like if you can get my attention; keep my attention; teach me something and just stimulate my mind. You are the man or the devil :/ …… Either way I am ready and willing to take that ride pimpin…

Food and intelligence is a way to my heart. We’ll be in a whole relationship you know nothing about and I would ride it out until the wheels fall off LOL 🙂


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