First, I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays, enjoy and be safe for the New Year 2020 ❤

Now let’s talk about this NEW YEAR, NEW ME….. GOALS.

Lately I’ve been silently hustling and dipping my little hands in some of this and aloootttt of that. I’ve been doing what I have to do to be where I have to and want to be ( business, business and more business ).

I am a big believer of “Moving in silence” so there will not be a long thought out list this go round.


With some meditation; sage burning; alot of prayer, guidance and no more moving with emotions. I’ve came up with the conclusion that I am indeed….. GOING TO develop GENERATIONAL WEALTH 💸

Meaning: My children; their children and their children etc. Will be alllll the way ok running an empire that I’ve built ( The ghetto definition ).

I’ve been instilling in my children that working for yourself and owning your own is the best thing to do. I have been making sure that every step I take that they are involved in some type of way.

I want them to grow; retire early and develop the love of traveling while experiencing new things.

My journey and my heart all in one. With nothing and no one stopping me. Negativity, hate and inconsistency is not allowed on this ride.

Now… That’s a New Year Goal for the generations 💸


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