Again ya girl is up and in her own little world. In the glass is White Merlot with Groove Theory’s album making my night a cool 90s vibe with some white sage burning slowly in my handy dandy smudge bowl. IMAGINE THIS FEELING 😊

Moving along

There is a conversation that I have been sitting on for a couple of days.

See, bringing in the 2020 was not really an easy ride. I officially had to kick a long personal friend out of my 1972 Chevy Impala passenger seat into a ditch ( like the ones you see on scary movies ) with a bunch of snakes and whatever other animal that eat people. 😡

And having a conversation about it with a good associate she said something to me that stuck.

” Girl…. You have got to get to the point of being ok with being alone”.

I immediately started to buck against the system. Because if anything I have learned is to be ok and secured with being alone mentally and physically. It may suck sometimes…….

Like now…….. I wish I wasn’t :/

But shit, It is what it is 🤷🏿‍♀️

She said “No, you need to be able to be by yourself emotionally”. That is the only way that I would be able to disconnect from people and things that are not good for me.


I had to sit on that for a minute. It not only threw me off because she was right but because she’s younger than me. Who would’ve known that there are still younger generations out there that can drop some jewels. 🤔

I lead so much off of emotions that I’m just handing them out. My emotions are bouncing off of this person to that person and them. This shit is tiring and draining all at the same damn time.


I say all that to say this…. Detachment is ok. Its ok to kick your emotions out of the window right along with the people that don’t deserve them. Not everyone is meant to go with you on your journey. Some people don’t deserve your emotions, attention and/or loyalty. People can be fake with the worse intentions.

Or, you could be giving tooooo much emotions to someone and its just a lot.

Trust me when I tell you

Its ok to get out of your feelings and not have none at all. Build that wall and only allow in the real because they recognize it.


8 thoughts on “Detachment

  1. Yes, it can be very hard to do but you’re a Taurus so I bet it’s even harder. You can break rocks on a Taurus’ back they are so loyal, ever heard that? So I guess you crave someone to be loyal to? Of course I could be talking shit, people say that about me 😂😂 But happy new year, you go girl 😘

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    1. No, I never heard that but I like it.
      Yes, I really do. But I know I’m not going to find that so I’m trying to change that part about myself. I keep expecting certain people to give me that same loyalty I give them. It never work out for me I end up being hurt more than anything.

      It’s all good I love a good shit talker that can make me laugh it makes the day go by faster 😂🤣😂😊

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