Love Languages

I have been hearing these words here and there for a while now. Never knew the true meaning and its importants up until today.

Love Languages: The ways we show love and interpret love back. The language we speak when expressing love. Because everyone loves differently and misinterpretations can cause some problems.

Here are the 5 love languages

( I’m not gonna go too deep into each meaning )

1. Words of Affirmation: showing love through language and affirmation. (Compliments, I love yous, videos, texts, emails, etc.)

2. Quality Time: Giving someone your full attention, not just making an effort to spend time.

3. Receiving Gifts: Showing love through things. And no, this does not mean that you’re materialistic. Even the little things count. Hiking, a bike ride, or a flower. You know, nothing too big or too fancy.

4. Physical touch: Showing you love someone by physically touching them. This is my personal favorite 🙂 When I’m usually into someone I like to touch and kiss. Just as much as I like to be touched and kissed. I got a thing for lips, arms, chest, stomach and hair. I like to play with the hair even if its on your face. So my hands will most likely end up in one of those places. I have to be comfortable with you and know that you’re ok with it.

Because let me tell you, he can just about touch me anywhere 🙂

5. Acts of service: Expressing love by doing something for someone. Filling his/her car up with gas, message etc.

I usually show love in all these ways. But there are most definitely two that I gravitate towards the most. And to find out most humans do. They are how you naturally show love. Numbers 4 and 1 is at the top of my list with 5, 3 and 2 following right behind them.

And in that order.

So what’s your Love Languages? Which two do you gravitate to the most and how do you express them?

And please keep it all the way 100 😉

10 thoughts on “Love Languages

  1. Definitely 1&4 the touch thing, little strokes or a butterfly kiss on the neck, surprising little thing like that or a ‘I love you’ completely out of the blue is great. There are a couple of women at work that always place their hand on my forearm when they speak to me which tells me that they do actually like me, I like that it’s reassuring. Love this post it’s very human 😀

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    1. Thank you for being so active in my blog post ❤ I like the touch too.. I dont know why but it’s like they’re telling me they’re really digging the girl. And I like to give the same in return. Touches and kisses is my thing.

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