About Me

Little melanin girl from the hood of Sumter, SC now located in the DMV area. I hold my Real Estate license in Washington, DC soon to be Maryland and I am a student going for my bachelors degree in business. Little ole me is doing all of this for my family. My reason for blogging originally was to run my mouth. Now i am ready to take things to the next level and run my mouth even more. Nothing is off limits when it comes to my blog. I want to speak on everything from music to shopping. So lets sit back, grab a drink and talk.

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26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. mphadventuregirl

    My family and friends convinced me to start my blog. Do you want some of them said: that should start a blog because “you have a lot to say”. I think that is why I became a daily blogger in the first place and it helps me deal with the stress of life. I never wanted to blog in the first place; but it did it anyway to see how it goes; how it hooked from the first post: that was Dec. 2015 and now I love it even more than ever

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    1. Thats so Dope.. Hopefully I can hold on to that same motivation. Even when I dont post for days I find myself missing it and putting stories and pictures to the side. So when I post its something new almost everytime. Thank you for following and I look foward to your post 🙂


      1. mphadventuregirl

        Followers are what keep you motivated. That is the importance of comments and even commenting on other posts. When I was a college student: some days I did not blog and missed it. Near finals and I wanted to blog, my post was just a list.

        It is important to let your personality shine through your posts. Be patient: that is important in blogging.

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      2. I try to be me as much as possible not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing when posting. Now I see that its a good thing lol. Thank you for the good advice 🙂


      3. mphadventuregirl

        Thank You! As you can tell, my main niche is musical theatre. Every once in a while, I sneak something else in: a book review or a life experience or something spiritual.

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      4. I never been to a theatre but some of them I seen the movie like RENT. So to see your break down and take on things really actually got me to the point of going to see one. Dont know which one yet. BUT TO THE THEATRE I COME.


      5. mphadventuregirl

        Musical movies are a very easy way to get access to them. Live theatre is even more powerful- emotions are more powerful- there is something just wonderful about. I live in Charlotte- a popular stop for shows. Musical movies, have bigger access to musicals than movie. But at least movies are a way to experience them: you should get to the theatre at some point.

        I am in the middle of this gigantic blog series- I am been analyzing musical characters. That is a long one.

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  2. I’m wondering why you are following me, a little old poet from way down-under, Geelong, Australia, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings. And shall have a look at your interesting post. Cheers. Ivor.

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