Loyalty: The quality of being loyal. A strong feeling of support or allegiance.

For some reason I’m on my fixalife mission. Anything that is not good for me has been coming to light. I can say that I’m thankful to finally see the truth but at the same time it hurts a little.

I find myself at the start of 2020 kicking people out of my sexy ass, old school Chevy. I’ve done built a brick metal wall that is out of this world. You would have to be a 104 ton bulldozer that’s solid; full of loyalty and got some serious love to give to knock that bad boy down.

The person that I was months ago would be all out of shape, down and just ………BROKEN. Now I’m just like………. FUCK IT.

See, loyalty is not for the weak. Its for the solid; last of a dying breed type of life.

I’ve learned a long time ago that not everyone is meant to go with you on your journey. You might want them to. Its most definitely in you to take your day ones; your child’s mother/father; family and better half. You know…… Anything that you hold dear.

Now, the question is ” Would they do the same for you”?

Do you think that they would risk their sanity and place of peace to keep dragging your grown ass along? Is their luggage big enough for all that fucking baggage? Is being in each others lives beneficial for the both of you? Are they supportive no matter what? Can you build with them? Can you trust them?

ARE THEY LOYAL?????????????????????????????

So many things and so many questions people :/

Then you miss out on what/who was supposed to be in your life trying to keep holding on to what’s not meant to be.

“Realize that if a door closed, is because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you”………. CLOSE IT!!!

Loyalty comes first, all the rest of that mess can take a back seat in my ride.

Buju Banton brought me here by the way and S.I.P. to Kobe, his daughter and everyone that rest with them.

8 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. Brenda wills

    I believe when one door closes another door opens. Meaning for me opportunities and with people. Some people i had to let go of and so many new people and experience have came my way. Not allowing someone fuckery of not being loyal to me stop me from branching out there lost!!! No longer proving to others how loyal i am and can be i feel real recognizes real and some people have it and others don’t. Negativity feeds on others who already have doubts and questions on who is loyal. So never ignore the signs. Protect your heart along with your energy and circle!!

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    1. Real talk. Not everyone deserves your loyalty and it’s sad sometimes that it has to get like that. For me its better to take my time with people. It’s never easy to get In because my loyalty runs deep. When I love I love hard. That’s it that’s all. And I know I’m not perfect. I’ve trusted the wrong and underhanded the good. But I’m learning 😁


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